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Driver Information

on Wed, 04/03/2013 - 22:45


CellBlock D is one of the places to increase your drifting skills, have fun, and waste tires. The events must be run in the safest way possible, so that every one can return for the next event. On this page you will find information that you as a driver should familiarize yourself with. From the Tech Requirements and Safety Rules to driver signup for upcoming events, you should find everything you need to attend the next CellBlock D event.

These events are good for both beginners and more experienced drifters, and will be a lot of fun. You will have to take turns "working" which is not hard. If you wish to bring a guest or 2, please note, this is a dangerous motorsport, and we would like to limit the age of 15 as the minimum for pit crew or ride along passengers. If you would like to bring a child younger than 15, they must not enter the pit area unless there is a break where there is allowable viewing of race cars.

Your car MUST pass tech. Do not even bother trying to make-shift something, fix it right. Your battery MUST be secured properly. Your body panels must also be secured with all bolts. That means hoods, fenders, etc. Zipties are acceptable for  bumpers, but the bumper must be secure, not loose. You must have 1 extra set of tires, that will stay within the "wear bars" for you to drive home on.