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CellBlock D 24 - Rock On!

on Fri, 04/19/2013 - 22:16
May 26th, 2013

CellBlock 24 will be taking place on Sunday May 26th, 2013 from 12pm - 6:00pm. Come see local Professional drifters having fun at their local track, including multi car tandem action. This will be a rain or shine event, with gates at 1pm for spectators. Drivers tech starts at 10:30am, drivers meeting at 11:30pm. All drivers are required to preregister.

Spectating is open to all ages, pit access is 18+ or 16+ with parental consent form.

Spectators - $5
Pit Access - $10

Driving - $60 (Registered and Prepay only, includes 1 pit pass for a guest. Non registered "drop in" drivers does NOT include a pit pass.) Drivers, media, volunteers: Be at the track 10:30am for tech and safety meetings. Later the 11:15am arrival could prevent you from getting access. Register and Prepay is now required, as driver spots are limited to 24, to allow more track time.

We will accept VISA and Mastercard at the track for all fees.

Sign up on the form on this site.

NOTE: People under 19 who want to drive must have this form (link updated) filled out by a parent or guardian.

Registered Drivers: (Note: names is bold are prepaid and get the free pit pass.)

1.) Brandon Zimmer - 240sx (paid)
2.) Julian Lansigan - 240sx
3.) Rojenski - 240sx
4.) Evan Smith - 240sx
5.) Billy Bueger - 240sx
6.) Jordan Dimoff - 240sx
7.) Pete Schroeder - 240sx
8.) Aliahs Ahmadzai - 240sx
9.) Nicholas Bachleitner - 240sx
10.) Hu zheng - 240sx
11.) Kunal Chauhan - Other
12.) Nicholas Bachleitner - Other (paid)
13.) Brandon Leung - 240sx
14.) Matthew Rusiecki - 240sx (paid)

Registered Media: New Rule for Media. You MUST post the images to a forum, or flikr type photo service to get media access. Facebook is not the only place your images should be available.

1.) Ryuuzou Tsuchiya
2.) Kyle Schellenberg
3.) Marcus Klemme