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CellBlock D 21 - Get Dirty

on Tue, 02/21/2012 - 06:21
March 11, 2012
Drivers, media, volunteers: Be at the track 9:30am for tech and safety meetings. Later the 10:00am arrival could prevent you from getting access.

CellBlock D is back on for 2012. Sunday, March 6th, 2011.  Come see local Professional drifters having fun at their local track, including multi car tandem action. This will be a rain or shine event, with gates at 11 for spectators. Drivers tech starts at 9:30, drivers meeting at 10:00am.

Spectors are 5 Bucks. Pit Passes $10 Bucks. Drivers cost 60 Bones. 

NOTE: People under 19 who want to drive must have this form filled out by a parent or guardian.

Spectators Pit Access is 19+


List of Drivers so far:

Jason Debruyn 240SuX
Matt McMeeking Skyline
Josh Vankoll 240SX
Jordan Herwig 240SX
Erick Gutierrez 240SX
Junior Gutierrez 240SX
Nick Shtyrin 240SX
Gaston Morrison 240SX
Trevor McMillan 240SX
Tito Chacon 240SX
Jonathan Osborne 240SX
Grant Smith 240SX
Joshua Wigen Skyline
Brandon zimmer AE86
Mat Rodger Skyline
Ian Fournier Skyline
Junior Gutierrez 240sx
Shelbezee Moreau 240sx
Marc Dekker 240sx
Trevor Geib 240sx
Dylan D Tisic 240sx
Jordan Dimoff 240sx
Carlos Fernandes 240sx
Devan Francis
Tryston Willing
Quinton Lai
Josh Reading
Marcus C Klemme
Emiley A Smith
Gaelen Norman
Ben Kamphuis