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What is CellBlock D?

CellBlock D is an amateur event series that has organized drifting events at the Agassiz Speedway since November of 2006 in Agassiz, BC, a township in the Fraser Valley about 1 hour from Vancouver, BC. As the sport originated in the mountain roads of Japan, our focus of the events are to keep Drifting off the public roads and under a controlled environment. It has since become a sport of grace and style as opposed to winning by being the fastest. Some have likened drifting to skateboarding or bmx freestyle, but with cars. Just like skateboarding skills are best learned at the skatepark, CellBlock D provides a safe track environment to practice and learn skills while having fun.

CellBlock D is a non profit event that is open to people of all driving skill levels. The diverse driver backgrounds help new drivers learn skills by association and encouragement from the more advanced drivers. This combined with a laid back fun atmosphere has made the CellBlock D events series a popular place to enjoy drifting action in the Greater Vancouver, B.C. area. The event series is continually looking for additional venues to bring the drifting closer to different crowds, but as the Vancouver area has a lack of race tracks, the venues are slim and far between. None the less, the events have run monthly with great turn outs from spectators and drivers of all ages.

NOTE: People under 19 who want to drive must have this form (updated link) filled out by a parent or guardian. Spectators Pit Access is 19+, sorry.
We now accept VISA and Mastercard at the track for all fees.